Ukrainian Film in Columbia University and KU

Dr Olga Kyrylova, a Visiting Assistant Professor at the Film and Media Studies, participated in the events of the Ukrainian program at the Harriman Instutute, Columbia University, in New York: the book launch Mondegreen by Volodymyr Rafeenko (English translation Dr Mark Andryczyk, 2022) 11/16/2022 and the discussion of the screening The Guide (dir. Oles Sanin, 2014) 11/17/2022. The screening marked the 92nd anniversary of the Holodomor, the manmade famine of 1932-33 recognized by many Western governments as a genocide for the people of Ukraine.

The Ukrainian Film Club at Columbia University is being run for more than 20 years by Professor Yuri Shevchuk. He was the first one who offered a pioneering course focused on the History of Ukrainian Film in the U.S. This year, KU launches its own undergraduate course Ukraine Through the Lens of Film run by Dr Olga Kyrylova at the Film and Media Studies Department (177 FYS).

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